How to transfer fluid pressure from CFD to structural analysis

Hi…I am trying to do stress analysis on a tank that has fluid sloshing loads on it…the CFD is a multiphase run for 5 seconds…how to transfer the forces from the fluid to a structural analysis…would like to do a dynamic time dependent analysis…

Hi there, and thanks for using the forum!

I am sad to let you know that currently there is no direct way to use the results from one simulation as input for another one.

A workaround that you can use is to measure the average, min and max pressures on the surface and apply using result control items, and then apply a corresponding pressure for the structural simulation.

Thanks for replying! its OK if its not automatic as long as it can be done…it looks surface loads can be exported out via CSV and imported into a structural analysis? Im wandering if this will work?

Sadly it will not work, as the table definition for pressure does not accept tables with 3 (or 4) independent variables.