How to switch the value range in the legend in an animation?

I think there should be 2 manners for the min- and max-value in the color legend:

  1. max/max show the min/max taken from the union of all animation time steps
  2. min/max values are adapted at each time step during the animation

using 1) the most red color will be visible only at one time step - the time step which corresponds to the max-value. At other time steps the colored model will not fill the whole colors_ spectrum

using 2) the most red color will be visible at each time step, but corresponds at each time step to another max-value

Question: are there both possibilities in simscale and how can I switch between them?

thank you and regards


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Hi Johannes!

Thanks for using the forum and your feedback. It is very important for us.

Currently option 2 is the only one available in the postprocessor. As you navigate the states/time steps the min/max values are recomputed.


Go to “Range” in the plot 3D or 2D animation associated with your time-dependent step, and then choose “Manual colour range” to enter the maximum and minimum values to be used for the colour scale. Of course, you should be aware of the maximum and minimum values of the variable you intend to plot (over the full time span).
Hope this is helpful.

thank you ambermichel,
I have activated the Filter “Animation”, but I don’t find “Range” there. Within the filter there is “Animation controls”, “Animation type”, “Animation range”, “Start time”, “End time”, “Animation speed”, “skip frames”

can you please guide me better where I find “Range”, with a picture or something else?

many thanks!


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Hi @Johannes_ACKVA
This is Ajit from SimScale. Thanks for using our Forum.

You can change the Range of a variable displayed by clicking the Min/Max values in the color legend as shown below:

I agree that this is repetitive to set the ranges manually for every time step to be analysed. We are happy to take this feedback to our product team. Please feel free to check and add such suggestions to our Public road map as well.

With Kind Regards,