How to suggest new features or check what is currently under development (SimScale Roadmap)?

At SimScale we take our user’s opinion and needs quite seriously. This is why we’ve put together a Roadmap page where anyone can visit and make their own suggestions about nice-to-have features, vote for existing feature suggestions and check what is currently under development or recently released.

  1. Submit your own ideas and check what is currently under consideration. Vote for existing ideas in case these resonate with your needs.
  1. Be informed about what we are currently working on. Listings in this tab are very likely to be released in the near future. Of course these are only some of the features we are working on right now; our development team is continuously focusing on a handful of great additions/features to be developed and released soon. You can always reach our team if you have specific questions about upcoming features.

  2. Check our Recently Released features page where the most important platform additions are listed