How to solve this simulation'problem

No contacts were defined for some sub-assemblies. These won’t interact with the rest of your model and the simulation will likely fail. You can use the automatic contact detection or add contacts manually for the sub-assemblies that consist of the following solids: sheet141, sheet130, sheet178, more…

I tried this program for the first time as a school project, and I got this error while trying to do my project following this tutorial. I’m worried because I don’t know how to fix the error.

Contact automatic contact detection but it keeps buffering and stops. Please advise.

Hi @parkjongho198,

To run a Heat transfer simulation it is necessary to import a solid body model. However, your model consists of sheet bodies and no solid body, as you can see below:

I created a new version of your simulation using a solid body, as you can see in this link:

It should do the trick.




thank you sir
Thank you for pointing out the issues and giving advice. Thank you again for being resolved thanks to the problem was not resolved.

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Hi @paulosantos, Can you please tell how you created a solid-model out of the input sheet body? I am facing the same problem