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How to simulate wave motion of human colon

Dear team,

How we can simulate peristaltic movement of colon. How to apply boundary condition which will give us series of wave motion to colon and when fluid or food is passed through it. how we can simulate that in simscale?

Thank You

Hi Lata_30
As of I know, SimScale doesn’t have a solver to simulate this particular type of analysis,
What you can do is just simulate the fluid through the colon or analysis the deformation on the colon individually but not combined, as usually, we assume that the bodies for fluid simulation are static.

I hope that answeres your question.

Best regards Sebastian

That is a very difficult problem to solve (belongs to the type “write your own solver”. I would know how to solve that even in OpenFOAM. Maybe a dynamic moving mesh (and still would be a very large simplification".