How to simulate relative humidity?

Hello! I am trying to simulate the flow of ethanol in a distillation column, and I would like to be able to simulate the relative humidity of the flow, however I cannot find the option through the incompressible module.

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The relative humidity modeling is available in the Conjugate Heat Transfer solver, not the Incompressible.

Please find all the details in the following page:


I have followed the instructions in the tutorial in the Conjugate Heat Transfer solver however, the option to enable Relative Humidity does not appear. for what is this?


Well, I have just tried it, and it worked. Maybe you have to start a new project if it is a new feature? maybe you were working under an older version of CHT v2?

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I just did a new project as you suggested and I still don’t get the relative humidity, is this feature exclusive?

Hey @EnriqueCruzO,

As this is a new feature and SimScale rolls out in phases, it might be the case that the functionality has not been assigned to you yet.

Would you like me to check more deeply and see if perhaps it is possible to give you access?


Hi @EnriqueCruzO , we were as mentioned mid-release phase for humidity. I was just informed it is now released for all users. Please let me know if you now see it. A refresh of the page should be sufficient.



Thank you very much, the relative humidity option already appears.