How to set up blower fans in CHT?

How to set up blower fans as Momentum Sources in CHT?
I have followed Conjugate Heat Transfer Simulation: Best Practices | SimScale and learned how to set up an axial fan. However, for a blower fan, is it correct to use a Cartesian Box?

Hi @Bi11,

Thanks for posting your question! The best way is setting this up using Fan Boundary Condition, which should be a simple circular section as you want.
Here you have the detailed page about this boundary condition:

And here you have a detailed tutorial where this Fan boundary condition is used. Please use this as a guide in your setup.


Thank you very much. However, I am setting up fans as Momentum Sources because my simulation involves external flow, and the fan is not mounted on the chassis. Currently, I put a cartesian box at the outlet of the blower fan.

Could you please share the project link? It would be helpful.