How to set the safety factor in static analysis of brake disc of a sae car

I was trying to do the static analysis of our Student Formula car,
But I was unable to set the safety factor and know the fatigue of the same,
I could’nt find the option for the same ,can anyone help in this regard?

Hi @vmadhav!

For that you would need a calculator feature - will ask my colleagues from the product team on what stage we are in that regard.

How you can do that in Paraview \rightarrow Use the calculator filter and divide the yield stress by the von Mises stress. @power_users, for alternatives, please add your two cents here!



Thank you jousef , but couldn’t find the paraview option, can you tell me where is that option?
And also is there anyway we can do fatigue analysis

hey @jousefm I have followed your instructions as you said ,but I am getting a huge mistake in the result.
See how the range of values are not in the 10s range. Is there any problem in the software?

@power_users please resolve my quiery

Hi @vmadhav!

Which units are you using? Also if you calculate it that way everything below 1 would be considered a critical area.