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How to resolve "Signal 15 encountered" error during simulation run?

I’m working on a project called “Flow over cylinder”, and it can be found here:

I have a simulation called “Water Flow 2”, and in there I have a run called “one tenths meters per second - 40 seconds - 32 cores - write every 400 timesteps”. This run went to 59% before failing. The error I’m seeing in the solver log is:

 Signal 15 encountered 

What could this error mean, and what ways are there to resolve it?

Hi @tryabin,

This is a quite a large simulation :wink: We are currently investigating why you are getting this error and will get back to you when we have more details!


Hey @tryabin,

There are some changes required to the simulation setup. Firstly, I couldn’t find the reason for your simulation failing with “Signal 15” error. The log looks fine before the error occurred. I have reproduced your case with some changes - you can access the project using the following link.

  1. Kindly note that there are no layers in the mesh which was created. This is due to the reason that there is a single curved face. I’ve made a face split to generate 2 faces. Snappy on SimScale requires 2 or more faces to generate layers.

  2. I’ve reduced the mesh volume to decrease the computational time. Now it has less than 790000 cells.

  3. I duplicated your simulation - changed the mesh and increased the timestep to 0.002. The simulation and results look fine.

I would get back to you if I manage to find the reason for Signal 15 error. I believe this should help you to proceed with the simulations.


Thanks, I figured out that the reason the geometry had only one face was because I was importing an STL file instead of a STEP file.

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