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How to read Solver Log?

greetings of the day to Dear fellas ! :smiley:

I would like to raise a thread on how to read the solver log of our simulations in order to extract any run related information out of it ?
Lets for example my mesh or simulation fails at some point so it gets very difficult for me to decipher the information presented in the solver log, to conclude what could have gone wrong and where to look for next.

It would be a great help if there is some little getting started guide on how to read and extract info from the solver log.

That’s a very nice suggestion @hur_rehman, thanks a lot!

Are you referring to the solver log for FEA or CFD as they are quite different. Let us know which one you mean and for FEA @rszoeke can jump in and the @PowerUsers_CFD in the other case.

All the best!


Great to hear this @jousefm :slight_smile:

And actually I usually work on both domains although FEA is my strong side.
I think it would be great that a tutorial is prepared for both the domains [FEA, CFD] , it will not only help us in working on simscale more effectively yet it will help in understand it well too.

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Agreed @hur_rehman :slight_smile:

I will discuss this also with our PowerUsers and we might set something up here in the near future.




coool :sunglasses:

Not to start a new topic, why the solver log is not in English? At least for frequency analysis?

Hi @ngerasimov!

The solver used for the FE applications is Code_Aster which is a French based solver but we try to give the user as many information in English as we possibly can at the moment in case there is an erroneous run or something else if off. If anything is not clear, please feel free to reach out to us and we will help you out.