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How to match a copied project name and URL

When I copy my own project, URL become a name of copied project.
There is a difference between a project name and URL.

For example,
I created a new project, name of “fp-023d - Control”, but the URL is based on the original project name below.

Are there any way to match a name and URL of copied project?

Best regards,
Yosuke Yamamoto

Hi @yosukegb4,

This might be more of a product request - I think @afischer will be able to explain further.


I think one of the ways is as in below.

  • Copy project and set a new name
  • Copy newly named project again
  • Delete 1st copied project
  • Edit 2nd project name that matches URL

Project copied twice ( but unrenamed yet renamed ) :

But it seems unconvenient for me.


Hello @yosukegb4,

there are some possibilities we are looking into. What we are heading for is to be capable of having multiple links associated with on project. That would mean the old link would still be valid, but almost never used. A new link would be generated and displayed by default that represents the current project title + in case of duplicates a counter in the end e.g. fp-023d_-_control_1.
This will also help in regards to short-links, where the focus is not on having an human readable project link but rather a unique short version, so that one can easily post it on e.g. twitter and not waste a lot of characters.

It is not yet scheduled though, so it will take us some time to develop this feature.

Best Alex


Hello @afischer,

Thank you for the explaination.
It sounds nice. I am looking forward to the development in the furure.


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