How to make mesh matching between line body and surface?


Hi everyone !!! I have a trouble with mesh of Ansys Workbench Mechanical.
I have a surface intersect some beams.
And cross section of beams are circular tube (pipe).
How to making meshing in order to nodes of surface will match cross section of beams at contact location ?

Best Regards !!


Hi @AlexHan!

We only do support problems related to SimScale/our platform. Why don’t you try to mesh your geometry with our mesh generator? The @power_users and I can help you then.




Thank you for your advising !!
Because I’m newest beginner so I’m sorry what I did.
I was meshed my geometry with a lot of methods (Face Sizing, Mutilzone, Face Meshing), but I still impossible.
You let teach me what and how to do in order to developing.

Best Regard !!


Hi @AlexHan!

Feel free to upload your geometry and share the project link with us!