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How to make a back washing carbon filter inside a cylinder vessel

Wish to simulate the water fluids inside the cylinder under pressure passing by the carbon, trough a .valve, the water fluids make Backwashing on the carbon media, that adsorbents propriety, witch adhere the impurity of the water make it clean on the outside, like the picture above.
really appreciate contributors

Hi @persanorafael1,

That’s an interesting process, but I’m not really familiar with how it works. Also what part of it would you like to model or simulate. I would suggest that if you are new to simulations or the SimScale platform, then lets start by a simple flow analysis of water flow through the system.

Since, water is considered ‘Incompressible’ by pressure, you could start with a “Incompressible fluid flow” analysis. Then comes the question of what you mean by “…under pressure passing” . Is it a high pressure driven flow of water ?


Yes, of course
The fluid “effluent” is pumped trough the control valve and runs inside the cylinder by the center pipe to the bottom of the cylinder, after that effluent flow direction to the top then exits for the other side of the valve. …sorry about my speech is just the basic idea, i´m not English native …just Brasilian