How to judge which result is good?

Hello There! I did a simple FEA simulation for a sheet metal as a support. I have run the program with different mesh qualities from 5 to 10. But the results show different max. displacement from 0.3 to ~3, respectively. I don’t know which result is good, compared to the reality, because the results have a big gap. How can I judge which result is good ? Thanks in advance!


Hello hangchang0001

Can you please provide us with a link to your project?

What I would do is to try to run increasing finer mesh until you don’t see any result changes.
Also, it can be never wrong to do a simplified hand calculation to see in which region the displacement should be.

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Hi @hangchang0001 ,
I assume this project is the correct one? SimScale

For a thin structure like this in bending you would need a 2nd order mesh to get correct results.
With that you should see pretty quickly a mesh-independent result.

See also here: When should I use a second order mesh?
and the linked project examples.



Hi @SBlock and @rszoeke ,

Thanks for your help. The project link is exact the one I mentioned. I’ll try the 2nd order mesh in advance.