How to improve parameters from meshing log?

Hi all,

I am trying to optimise the mesh quality for my project. According to this guide How to Check and Improve Mesh Quality | SimScale Documentation I can check the meshing log. It provides the following reference for best practice:
tetAspectRatio: ≪ 100
Non-orthogonality: ≪ 75
tetEdgeRatio: ≪ 100
VolumeRatio: ≪ 100

However, there are other parameters such as quadMaxAngle, triMaxAngle, triMinAngle, Skewness and aspectRatio. So my questions are:

  1. What are the ideal values for the remaining parameters
  2. What does a higher value for all parameters mean?
  3. If the values I obtained are higher than recommended for all parameters, is there any specific method I could utilise to reduce said values?

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Hey Qixun, and welcome to the Forum!

The parameters stated in the article are the most relevant for the stability of the computation. The other ones are related and do not have a direct impact, only reflect the distortion of th e mesh cells.

Having values on this statistics, higher than the recommendation, means that the probability of the computation failing due to numerical issues is higher (divergence). It is possible that the computation succeeds, but the precision of the results is also questionable, in the places where the mesh is distorted.

As stated in the article, if you get high values on the statistics, you should research where the distortion is located, and try to get rid of it by:

  • Simplifying the CAD model, if the distortion is close to small faces or acute angles.
  • Adding mesh refinements to increase the number of cells in the region, thus making them smaller and luckily less distorted.