How to import a model from Sketchup Make

I Have a sketchup model, I want to simulate, I’ve tried and failed to import:

  1. I’ve exported from sketchup to .stl, and got SimScale to import the geometry, but when I’m trying to create a mesh - I get the following message:
Error: The meshing algorithm currently does not support the file format of the selected mesh base. Currently supported: stp, step, igs, iges, brep, prc, sldprt, sldasm, ipt, iam, x_t, catpart, catasm, 3dm, prt, asm
  1. I’ve imported the model into Onshape. then when I’m trying to import it from Onshape to SimScale - i get in SimScale:
Something went wrong. Please try again or with some other model.

After this I see Onshape notifications:

   Translation failed - ... failed to translate.

What’s the workaround?
SimScale project , geometry is called “forces”

Onshape project Onshape

Hi @gkotelnytskyy,

STL is a very difficult file format to work with because it is simply triangulated surfaces of the actual CAD geometry and is mainly used for 3D printing.

The best would be to have the original CAD model (ensure it is watertight) then export that model as either IGES or STEP which will work better in SimScale.

Hope this helps!



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hello .
Dear Get bassied
when i export as IGES i cant find the folder