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How to get mesh quality measurements?


Hi there,

Beeing new using Simscale, i tried to complete this tutorial. I’m almost completed except for checking mesh quality, as the new integrated post processor interface doesn’t have such things as a “Add filter” tab or buttton.

So how do i proceed to do that (wanna check for the Scaled Jacobian and Collapse Ratio)

Thanks for your answer



Hi @fsoprano and sorry for being a bit late here :wink:

You can find these metrics mostly in the meshing log. Example:

Area                     Max: 0.0103596, Min: 0.00124498, Avg: 0.00792313
Aspect ratio             Max: 4.52281, Min: 1.00607, Avg: 1.73893
Skew                     Max: 1.96653e-13, Min: 1.53781e-16, Avg: 2.54492e-14
Scaled Jacobian          Max: 1, Min: 0.866025, Avg: 0.973205
Condition                Max: 3.98479, Min: 1.00007, Avg: 1.60139
Volume Element Quality Metrics
Volume                   Max: 2.45601e-05, Min: 3.21901e-06, Avg: 9.329984444444444e-06
Aspect ratio             Max: 10.1797, Min: 3.029, Avg: 4.317882962962963
Scaled Jacobian          Max: 0.198564, Min: 0.059874, Avg: 0.1058477037037037

You can additionally check the mesh quality offline by using Paraview. For the tet-mesh it is recommended to avoid sharp angles. You can improve your mesh by adding more tetrahedrals to further discretize the mesh and bring the angles closer to an ideal 60° (equilateral triangle). For any additional information I will tag our @FEA-SQUAD.




Thanks for your answer.

It happens that for the tet-mesh, there is no such things as Scaled Jacobian and Collapse Ratio, but instead

min: 1.0314023075254317
max: 39.24038819352567
average: 1.5399000905397058
standard deviation 0.4730187026036659
median: 1.498733654090249
0-th percentile: 1.0314023075254317
20-th percentile: 1.3853396793769368
40-th percentile: 1.461478515625042
60-th percentile: 1.5411129845513003
80-th percentile: 1.6581188512170753
100-th percentile: 39.24038819352567

and same thing for triMaxAngle, triMinAngle and tetAspectRatio metrics. As Tet-mesh seems to be the only mesh technique suitable to FEA, do you know where i can find reference values (optimal/acceptable) for these criterias ?



These were recommended to me recently here.


Thanks Dale