How to get cp vs (x/c) graph for upper and lower surface at desired location of the wing on a bwb model aircraft

project link : SimScale
i want to get cp vs (x/c) values for upper and lower surface of the body at 6m from the middle of the aircraft on z axis.
apart from paraview, is there any other way to achieve this result.


Currently it is not possible to perform such advanced postprocessing online. I would say that Paraview is the way to go.

One possibility, but it takes a little bit of effort combining results after obtaining the forces from splitting the airfoil up and combining the results using excel… is to split the wing surface airfoil at the location into small faces of a unit width and use the Simscale Results area to obtain the x,y,z forces and your CAD model to determine the areas and the x/c for the small wing faces for the airfoil. The process would produce a reasonable results but not an extremely accurate result. If you can handle Paraview, then as @ggiraldof suggested that would be the way to go.

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