How to find pressure values on the geometry at a particular point( specifically at an angle)?

I ran a few simulations and i have this result right now. My Project, which is Aerodynamics of Non-Pneumatic tires, requires me to find the values of pressure on the surface of the geometry. I have tried using the inspect point feature but the values I need are at specific angles( 0 to 360 degrees at 10-degree intervals).
So to be more specific I would be required to plot the variation of surface coefficient of pressure vs angular position of the stationary and rotating tires. For that, i would be requiring the pressure values from the solution fields, and other than the inspect point is there any way i can get the values at certain angles of the tire?
Can the respected person please assist me on this issue?
Thank you!
(upload://phpWVellkFpXSUgF5RmqcgCQcW.png) ires![image|690x351]

Hi there!

If you know the specific coordinates of the point you want to inspect, you can create a Probe point data set under the Results Control before the simulation. Have a look here: Result Control | Simulation Setup | SimScale

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