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How to figure out parameters (like drag coefficient)?

Hi there,

Lately I tried to figure out how to determine coefficients like the Drag or the Lift.
I already have found help with the tool “Forces and moments coefficient” but due to the difficult shape of our aircraft i have now trouble to determine the reference length and reference area value. Is there a tool in Simscale how to meassure these parameters?

Further, i wanted to ask if the “Freestream velocity” has the same value as i used for the Boundary layer “Velocity Inlet”.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Link to Project:

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I used Paraview to get the cross-sectional area. Select a head on view and check “Camera Parallel Projection” under advanced properties. Use “Select Points On (d)” to highlight the cells and extract them. Use the Transform filter to flatten them, then Integrate.


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Forgot, apply the Delaunay 2d filter after transformation. Finally found the tutorial:


Yeah, that link should work

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Vielen Dank für die Lösung. Ich habe mir jetzt Paraview installiert.

Hätten Sie eventuell noch einen Tipp, wie sich die Skalierung der X-Achse in der Auswertung der Kräfte und Momente ändern lässt. So dass diese nicht in Abhängigkeit von Zeit, sondern in Abhängigkeit von der Geschwindigkeit die Werte angeben?

Vielen Dank im Vorraus


I did not understand your question. You mean the x-axis in the plot? Which represents # of iterations? // Ich habe Ihre Frage nicht verstanden. Du meinst die x-Achse im Plot? Welches entspricht der Anzahl der Iterationen?

Hello Jairogut,

Im Sorry my mistake.

I want to know with which velocity my aircraft produce lift. Therefore, i would like to ask if there is an option to have a Diagram that shows me the Force of the Lift in function of the Velocity. So i can see with which speed the most lift is created.

Thank you in advance.