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How to do vibro acoustic analysis


Now i am currently working in acoustic filed. I did few more problems related to wave propagation method.Now i need to study vibrational acoustics which means that , there is a one room hall inside of that room some machines are there so the machine is vibrate itself then the domain propagation. I need this kind of case please explain me how to do.

Hi @duraisamy,

for the analysis type in general, please have a look at this documentation page: Acoustic frequency Analysis

In addition to that, you can have a look at this tutorial for Car cabin acoustic natural frequencies tutorial along with the Acoustic pressure boundary condition type.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask anytime.



Hi sir,

Thank you for your information.

For that car cabin analysis inside of car there is a 2 seats. My question is i need to specify the density of that 2 seats and study the frequency analysis of that seats then due to that frequency the sound will be propagate the air medium.

Hi @duraisamy, @jousefm,
I think there might be a slight misunderstanding. I guess @duraisamy you want to conduct a vibro-acoustic analysis, meaning

  • coupling of solid and fluid domains
  • harmonic frequency analysis instead of Eigenmode analysis

Currently we only support acoustic modal analysis of the acoustic medium with hard walls. In the example of the car interior, this means there is no influence of the seat material whatsoever, it is assumed to be acoustically rigid (infinite acoustic impedance). Additionally there is no solid region that might vibrate, only the interior air volume is considered.

So, if you need to solve vibro-acoustic problems, the current acoustic modal analysis on SimScale is probably not the right tool.


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Thank you @rszoeke

Thank you very much

Thanks for jumping in and clarifying @rszoeke!