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How to delete a project from the Dashboard?

I’m trying to do some housekeeping and want to delete some of the projects I’ve copied to my dashboard, but can’t figure out how to do it.


Click on the project picture in your dashboard not the arrow to open the project then on the right hand side you will see a button Actions. you can deleat from there.



thanks @gcanfield for the solution!

@mamboyoyo could you share how many projects you wanted to delete. The work flow is not optimized for bulk operations right now, that is why it would be interested if this would have been needed in your case.

Best Alex

Thanks gcanfield.


I’m just getting started with SimSacale, so I didn’t have a lot to delete. However, I was searching all over the Dashboard environment for how to delete them, since intuitively, it feels like we should be able to delete them from Dashboard vs opening a project to then delete it. I would recommend creating a file manager type of capability.


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Hey Chad,

thanks a lot for the feedback!

Best Alex