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How to color particles with stripes?


Hi SimScale,

I have a particle analysis which I am post-processing in ParaView. I would like to color particles with stripes.

These could be black and white, as in this animation:

or colored, as in this animation:

Does anybody know how this is done?


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@afischer, @rszoeke Can you please help here?



Hi @BenLewis,
Assuming that the results come from our platform, the particles themselves will contain an ID attached as a field:

Now, that will make sure your particles receive their colour based on the ID. To obtain a band separation, you need to configure the colour mapping, so that the colour space contains a smaller number, by changing “Number of Table Values” in the panel to the right. In my example I chose 8:

Here it is at a later time-step:

Hope this helps and could answer your question.


Hey @bdaqui!

Great! looks good. But can we do it without id’s information? because I think we can’t control id’s of the particles or can we?



I will look into that.


Hi @BenLewis @ahmedhussain18,
you can use a calculator filter to create a field depending on the initial coordinates and then color by this field.



Thanks everyone for your help. I intend to make a calculator filter.

Regards, Ben