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How to change the legend (i want to convert the first image as second with strips in between, when color changes)

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how to change the legend i.e from continuous to discrete in para view. please help me in this

Hey Sam,

This is a contour filter from paraview. This video shows a quick example of it.
Or even better, you can also get these contours on SimScale :wink: :wink:



These kind of videos are on my agenda to make PP a bit easier to grasp, glad that you asked @sam123456!

Thanks for jumping in Ricardo :+1:



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Thanks Jousefm,
i found out the video in you tube. however i am facing issue since i am using paraview version 5.4.1 64- bit. i am attaching the images for reference.

. in the first image you can see there is a possibility to adjust point size and line width. the first image is related to version paraview 5.0.1 64-bit. as previously mentioned i am using version 5.4.1 64-bit. attaching the image for reference. . so will any one suggest, where can i find these options like point size and line width in the upgraded version which i am using now.

thanks a lot for your support.

yes. i agree that i can get these contours on simscale, however for instance if i want to create a contour of Cp, i.e. a non dimensional number. is there any possibility in the simscale cloud for getting non dimensional contour.

Hi @sam123456,

You can get contours of any quantity that is available in “Results” (in the post processing part). Some of these quantities will be there by default, like velocity, pressure etc. Some other quantities can be added via result control, for example y+, wall shear stress, vorticity and some others.
Are you trying to get especifically pressure coefficients? If so, you can set up a result control for Cp like this (fill the fields with the values from your simulation):

And it will be available to you in the Results tab:


thankyou Ricardopg. good thing to learn. will save a lot of time as well.

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