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How to calculate the Coefficient's for particle Analisys?

Dears partners.

In particle analisys how i can get(or calculate) the coefficient´s for different materials? like iron or rock mineral?

the coefficien’s are:

  • Normal stiffness coefficient [N/m]
  • Tangential stiffness coefficient [N/m]
  • Normal damping coefficient [-]
  • Tangential damping coefficient [-]

this topic has made me sh**** bricks reading papers.
Please Help

muchas gracias :kissing_heart::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Hey Muchas,

I had a quick look but it seems that it is really hard to find these coefficient values. Whereas, you can have a look on how to calculate at least the normal stiffness in the YADE documentation here:

YADE is the solver which is being used on SimScale for particle analysis. You may find more info. in the documentation of YADE for other parameters also.

I hope this helps.


Kn=normal Stiffness
Kt= tangential stiffness
E=young modulus
v=poisson ratio
for 2 particles:

Kn=k1*K2/(k1+k2)= E1*r1*E2*r2/(E1*r1+E2*R2)
if K1=K2 (same material and geometry in 2 particles)
Kn=E^2*r^2/(2E^2*r^2)= E*r/2=K/2 ->`


Kt/Kn=v ->


I still find:

Normal damping coefficient
Tangential damping coefficient
Global Damping coefficient


muchas gracias is thank you very much in spanish :sweat_smile: