How to best learn simulation?

Fellow SimScalers,

the short version: How do you prefer to learn a new analysis / simulation type or method?

the longer version: Learning a new engineering software/tool/method is probably something all of us have done multiple times already - let it be a CAD, PDM or an internally developed Excel application. However I do think that learning to use simulation effectively is quite unique, as the learning happens on different levels:

  • Physics: What phenomenon is it that I want to simulate?
  • Domain: Which simulation strategy brings me the fastest to good-enough results for the problem at hand?
  • Tool: How do I accomplish this with the tool at hand?

Now how do you prefer to gain this know-how? Are there learning resources you are missing on SimScale? Currently, there is in place:

Which way of learning do you prefer? Do you prefer following a video or rather an image-based step-by-step guide? Webinars? Some resources you would like to see expanded/adapted? Some new approach you might consider valuable? What kind of next steps in terms of ‘Learning SimScale’ would you like to see? I am very interested in your opinions!