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How to align wind tunnel with model

Hello I was wondering if anyone knows how to align the model arrowhead that I’m trying to simulate with the wind tunnel. somehow when the arrowhead was scanned in the directions got mixed up and now unless I find some way to either fix the orientation of the point or change the angle of the box to compensate, the flow will hit the arrowhead at an angle.

Hi @rnunez,

As there is no symmetry in any dimension, it is difficult to determine what is right or wrong. What I did was the same as I suggest now:

  • Use the tool to move geometry in your CAD software so that it automatically selects the center of mass of your object.

  • With the center determined, just draw a line that crosses the center and another one that of its coordinate axes.

  • Now, just quote this angle to know how much you need to align the piece.

I did this in her geometry and she stayed as the picture below shows (in Y direction). You can download it here Please let me know if it helps you and if there is another way to help you.