How i can do a fatigue analysis

How i can do a fatigue analysis and postprocess in paraview the number of cycles of life?
in structural analysis

Hi @camilomati,

You cannot directly measure the number of cycles to failure in SimScale. However, with some knowledge of fatigue you can use SimScale to calculate the expected life.

The basic idea is to use a static analysis to calculate the maximum stress created by one stress cycle. Then from a stress-life diagram (S-N curve), for the material in question, the number of cycles to failure can be estimated.

The specifics of how you would do this depends on many factors such as material type, the surface finish, the presence of pre-load, what the static stress is, whether the cyclic stress occurs above or below yield and so forth.

If you can provide more details about your application I may be able to provide more specific advice.

Regards, Ben