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How do I become a SimScale Ambassador?

At SimScale, we are working hard to revolutionize CAE software by making it more accessible and easier to use. We want to spread the word to tomorrow’s engineers and designers by bringing SimScale into the classroom. That’s where you come in!

With SimScale’s Student Ambassador Program, we are selecting highly motivated students to help us connect with professors and introduce students to SimScale at their own universities.

As an ambassador in the program, we will provide you with all of the resources and support you need including:

  • Lecture slides and exercise handouts (shared with you)
  • Access to our SimScale Academy courses
  • Individual support to answer your questions along the way
  • A letter of recommendation
  • E-Posters for announcing workshops at your place

\underline{\textbf{Our expectations}}

  • You are passionate about simulation and digital engineering
  • You organize, plan, and host a workshop on “Cloud-based design using SimScale” at your home university

We think you have what it takes, and want to invite you to join the program. Please let me know if you are interested and I will send you the rest of the details! Please also send me a small introduction of yourself and how you want to incorporate SimScale as a lecture for your students - something like a small draft/plan would be great!

\underline{\textbf{How do I apply?}}

Please write an email to with a small introduction of yourself and your CV.

What I would also need from you:

  • Your address to ship the ambassador package (in case you will be recruited)
  • A list of all the workshops you intend to do with an estimate number of participants and name of the workshops

I am very much looking forward working with you to make simulation accessible to everyone at your place!