How can I simulate angle of attack?

Hi! I’m planning on building a rocket-boosted R/C lifting body which will use model rocket motors to ascend to altitude before gliding back down. I’m using onshape to model the aircraft, and I’m just doing some preliminary testing before I add some (very) small wings, mostly for launch stability, and small elevons for control. The important point here is this: lifting bodies rely on angle of attack to fly, and I haven’t found a way to produce an angle of attack in SimScale. Given this, I can’t prove that I’ll generate lift in flight. I’d like to prove that this will be flight-capable before I continue. I need a way to create a delta between the top of the aircraft and the oncoming airstream.

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You can add the values of the velocity vectors according to the angle of attack. Have a look here for example:

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Thanks! That’s really helpful.

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