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How can I add my SimScale certificate to my LinkedIn profile?


To add your SimScale certification directly within your LinkedIn profile, first login to your LinkedIn page, then go to edit profile.

Click on Add new profile section and proceed to Certifications.

Enter the name of the SimScale Workshop or Course as the Certification Name, then enter SimScale GmbH as the Certification Authority. You can skip the License Number.

The best way to share your certificate, is to save it to your Google Drive (or other cloud storage system). Then provide the public link as the Certification URL.

Click Save and now your certificate is added to your profile under certifications - simple as that!

Be sure to also add SimScale as a Skill

How to get certified by SimScale
Session 1: Non-linear FEA of a Suspension Assembly

Didn’t know that, Cheers @AnnaFless!!


Thank You Very Much @AnnaFless


Hello Anna, I completed the Introduction to CAE course a few weeks ago, and submitted the exercises/homework. When might I expect to receive my certificate of completion? I would like to add it to my Linkedin Profile as you suggest.


Hi Bruce (@btoase) ,

Sorry about that! I have in my records that the certificate was sent to you on April 19th - I have just resent it. Please let me know if it’s received :slight_smile:



I’ve received my certificate and uploaded it into my LinkedIn profile. Thanks for helping.


Dear Anna Flessner (@AnnaFless) ,

I completed the “Biomedical Engineering Workshop” on the 1st of July but I didn’t receive the certificate yet.
I also sent you an email few days ago, is there any problem with my submission ?

Anyway it’s a very instructive and useful course, thanks to SimScale in providing cloud-based service available for all.



Hi @NickV!

Tagging my colleague @AnnaFless here. She will get in touch with you soon. And no worries, you will get yours. :slight_smile:

P.S.: Thanks for your kind words! We really do appreciate it!

All the best!



I completed the Introduction to CFD in FSAE webinar series about a month ago and to the best of my knowledge I submitted all the Homeworks on time and as expected. When can I expect to receive my Certificate of Completion?
Also, the course was really insightful. Thank you so much for putting it together! :slight_smile:


Just checked my mail and found it there. Thank you so much!
Looking forward to attending more webinars as soon as my exams get over. :smile:


Glad you enjoyed the webinars @animesh_mishra! :slight_smile: Feel free to contact me whenever you need something!

All the best and good luck with the upcoming exams :wink:



@jousefm Thanks! :smile:


I’ve completed the Aircraft Design workshop a while back.
The submission was successful, but I do not have the link to the certification. So I’m not able to add it to my LinkedIn profile. Can you please help me out ma’am.
I’m terribly sorry for troubling you.
Thanks and Regards,
Abhigyan Nath
Student (ME)
PES University
Banaglore, India


@AbhigyanPESU Please check your inbox - the certificates have just been sent :slight_smile:

All the best,


Recieved ma’am, thank you so much for the help.


Ma’am I completed the Aircraft design workshop a while back but i still have not received my certificate. Can you please help me ?

Aditya Vikram Sachdeva


Hi @AlfaVictor,

My records show your certificate was sent on Wed, Dec 20, 2017 at 6:15 PM CET. Can you check all folders including spam to see if it was received.



Hey ma’am, yes i checked again and i had received it. Thank you so much


Hallo @AnnaFless ,

I have completed the ‘Introduction to Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)’ class and the ‘Off-Road Vehicle Design Workshop’ but have not yet received my certificate, it has been months. I would like to know hen i will receive the certificates to link to my profile on Linkdin as well as to apply for positions.
Thank you.

Kind Regards


Hi @mcknight!

@AnnaFless will get in touch with you! Sorry for the inconvenience!

All the best!