High Speed dynamic Impact

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Project: Simulate the impact of an air-dropped tree planter.
I’ve done the CFD, and the planter will be dropping at a whopping 174m/s, so now I need to test if the rocket, more importantly the tree will be able to survive the impact curve.

I’m now faced with a choice: Wait 5 hours or try to optimize the simulation. I’ve been getting partial results so far, but the soil (attempting to use a material) I am using reacts like a billiard ball (deflecting the 120m/s projectile almost instantly).

here’s the link: Link

Does anyone know of realistic soft soil parameters and how to optimize the sim?
Thanks, (I searched a lot for the parameters)

Update! I changed the timescale to newton iterations, and so far it has been working beautifully (let’s hope it will last)

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Awesome! For any updates, feel free to let us know here!

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