Hex dominant meshes taking too long

Hi I was trying to do a hex dominate mesh and the time it was going to take was way to long 60-120 minutes do you have any suggestions on how to reduce this time to maybe 10 - 20 minutes? Do you have any idea why it is taking it would take a very long time?

Thank you for your time and help,

Hey Frank!

This will depend on your setup and geometry. A finer mesh takes longer to be computed. So, in general, specifying a coarser mesh will reduce the time.

If you send the URL to your project, I would have a look and provide specific suggestions.

Here is the project link so you can take a look

I think that these features with small details are causing the mesh to be big:

You can simplify your model and try to mesh again.

Also, we always recommend to use the Standard mesh, at least you have a reason to stick the the Hex mesher.

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Should I simplify these by adding blocks onto of them to simulate the drag they would preduce?

I would remove smaller details such as holes and thin wires.

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Ok thank you so much!