Help with settings for transient flow simulation using community plan

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Hello, my name is Nicolás Gaete and I am working on a simulation of a ventilation system for a poultry house model. I want to see how much time I need to operate certain amount of fans so that I reach 20°C, starting from different initial temperatures. For this, I need a transient state simulation, but since I only have the community plan, and this simulations take a long time, I wanted to ask if you know of configurations and setups that can help me to complete the simulation in less time (community plan has a limited run time for simulations).

I am currently trying using the symmetry boundary condition, but I still cant get good results. I suspect that since my mesh is very coarse, the results aren’t physically correct. (In my last simulation the results stated that in 4 seconds the temperature dropped from 30°C to 20°C which is highly unlikely).

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Hey Nicolás, thanks for using the forum!

If you are already making use of symmetry and a coarse mesh, then you are on the right track to cut on simulation time.

If this is not enough to get the precision you need, then I have to say sorry but this simulation couldn’t be possible with the community plan.

One option to get more resources is to apply for the Academic Program, if you qualify for it. Please see the following page for details: