Help with project - force plot


Im working on a project to simulate the airflow around a small rear f1 spoiler i designed. I have made the mesh and all, and started the simulation, but the numbers dont add up. I made the tutorial on rear spoilers on simscale, but my force plot looks very strange. Is someone able to take a look at my project and figure out how to solve the issue with the force plot?

Thanks a lot

Residuals have not started towards convergence yet.

Turn ON Potential Foam Initialization in Simulation control

Try another run and let it go to 1000 iterations.

If you want commenting on your mesh, you should devote a whole Simulation (not a sim run) to EACH mesh and do not touch any mesh parameters after it is generated… That way we do not have to copy your project and go digging to see what mesh and their parameters you use for sim runs… Bad meshes are the biggest cause of sim run issues.

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okay thank you. Im not that expericenced in Simscale and are looking for a easy illustration of the flow.
I still cant get it to work tho…

i have now created a totally new sim. Can you check if it looks right?
The force and convergence plot?


I have noticed that this is a small scale body (~2.5 cm) with a high wind speed (20 m/s). I think that a more realistic value should be used.

I know from our previous conversation that you are willing to print this model and test this in a wind tunnel, so maybe we can have a better setup if we know the actual dimensions and test wind speed that you will use, so the computed forces have meaningful values.

Can you please share this values with us?

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