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Help with meshing

Hi everyone!

So I have been experimenting with SimScale for an academic project.

So far i read some white papers and tutorials. Right now I am following this one but for calculate lift and drag on a flying wing.

This is my mesh refinement region

global seetings

And this is my model exprted from Fusion360

How it looks for you guys? Seems a long processing time for just the mesh, did I do something wrong?

Thanks for all the help I received so far
Best regards

Hey @lcolonna

Please post the Project link so other users can take a look and possibly help out!



My bad
Here it goes

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Hey @lcolonna

It was a bit confusing to see what happened but i think you set the mesh to internal. So your mesh was applied to the inside of the geometry in your enclosure.

You need to switch this to External

When you change mesh settings for any reason, Simscale gives you a new estimate. This estimate would be way to much for what you need but i find that the estimation seems to be over exaggerated. Always start with a coarse mesh and refine higher based on what you need, so shoot for 1-2 million cells at first with external and post the results.


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