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Help regarding centrifugal pump simulation


Hello all, I am currently trying to simulate a centrifugal pump. My meshing and other calculations are done and when I am trying to simulate am getting errors and not able to get the solution. A help in this regard will be great. Thanks in advance. the mesh may be rough because it is a trail run and not the real one.


Hi @sbhagavan!

Your mesh does not look very healthy at the moment, I would suggest increasing the refinements and bring down the level of illegal cells. The Meshing Log tells you explicitly how many illegal cells you have.

Let us know how things go!




Hello and thanks for the reply. As I have already mentioned that it was just a trail run and thanks for the reply. I will definitely look into it and correct the mesh.


Hi @sbhagavan, just to emphasise and elaborate on what Jousef said, a poor mesh with many illegal cells will lead to divergence in the simulation and therefore no solution and errors. So although its only a test mesh, the quality should be increased.



I am trying to get a better mesh but am getting an error “System ran out of memory select more cores”. I am stuck there.


Hi @sbhagavan!

Decrease the refinement levels and the meshing should work.




Should I reduce the base box resolution?


Hi @sbhagavan!

Copy this project:

And have a look at the second simulation, that mesh looks very good. The one you created does not capture the inlet and outlet properly which looks very odd and will definitely cause some issues during runtime.




Thanks for the help. Will get back to you again if I have an issue.


I had set exactly the same settings for my first run. The error started to appear so i downgraded it. Then the problem started to appear when I wanted to scale up to the original settings and run.


Hello started the simulation again with a fresh mesh and stuck at simulation. Facing "floating point exception’’ error after running the simulation. Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


HI @sbhagavan and sorry for the delayed response.

I saw that you managed to fix the issue did you change the numerics?




yes I did. I have re uploaded the deign again and started it from scratch. Thanks for the help. That was really helpful.