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Help on a simulation of forced convection on a battery pack

Hi !
I am trying to do a CFD simulation that is about how forced convection dissipates heat from lithium batteries (18650).
It´s my first time doing this type of work.
I have problems when creating a “volume” for the fluid as the tutorial ( ). I have errors when selecting the seed face.
Please any help would be welcome and also any suggested process for doing this project will be very appreciated.
The link to the project is:

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hi @secheverria,
welcome to simscale.
there are lots of improvements are needed in your geometry.

  1. geometry: there are sheet metal parts that are detected so you have to remove that first and make it’s solid. also in your geometry, lots of parts are intersected this will make problems in meshing.

you have to remove the unnecessary parts from your cad model like wire attached to your fan. make it’s simple & again if you want to perform MRF than you much have to make one rotating zone (solid) in the fan.
you can refer these docs for flow volume extraction.
if you mesh your model with sheet metal than its look like

  1. simulation set up:- As you used the fan in your geometry than you have to use Convective heat transfer simulation type because you can’t use MRF in conjugate heat transfer.

hope you make all changes in your geometry.