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Help of simulating propeller



I have prepared a step file of the drone propeller and with it the boundary condition for air around it,
And uploaded in mesh mix-match and further created another Cartesian co-ordinate for that box,

I had tried to create separate mesh refinement zones for all the objects including the Cartesian box, the problem that is there is when i start to mesh the objects the propeller which was interpreted as solid_0 doesn’t get included in the meshed parts.

And so the propeller fluid dynamic simulation cannot be done.

Please require help in this matter


Hi @vdes,

Welcome to SimScale! I’m adding your project link to this thread:

We’ll take a look and see if we can find a solution :slight_smile:



Hi @vdes,

Back to you with some more information. For the rotation mesh refinement, you will need to create a cellZone which will later be used to define the air movement around the propeller. This refinement should be assigned to solid_1

Let me know if that works!




Thanks for the guidelines, if you take a look at the part, it doesn’t include the propeller for the post meshing domain, when i tried to implement the new mesh it is not generating, The screen caps you have sent will only be accessible for the simulation when the inner part is getting meshed,

Although not satisfied with my trial and error, thanks for the reply



Hi @vdes,

When I changed the setting shared above, the propeller is visible in the mesh - is this what you mean?

You can check my setting here:


Hi @vdes,

I’ve also met this phenomenon during a CFD project before.
In my case the problem was that I set too coarse mesh for the part I wanted to investigate.
Finer mesh solved my problem.

Hope this helps!