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Help needed to obtain the passive scalar image


Hello Community folks,

i am working on project titled (Pollution of Air through Exhaust Gases from a Chimney) based on editorial demo. i would be really thankful if anyone can help me to obtain below image. i believe the below image is obtained from paraview. however i am not sure how to obtain the below image. i would really appreciate your efforts for helping me on this.



Hi Sam!

If you have some time I will create a video for you later on how you can achieve this, hope that’s fine!




Thankyou Jousefm for your response. i will be eagerly looking for your support. i believe everyone are off on Christmas and new year vacation.

waiting for this.



Hey Sam!

There you go, sorry for taking a bit longer (also sorry for small audio glitches, YouTube is doing additional post-processing on the video, guess I have to adapt my audio filters in the future :smiley: ):




Dear Jousefm,

i am very happy with your instant response and for your efforts in creating the video. this video really helped me to work on the same file which i downloaded and performed similar operations in paraview. however when i am using the same approach for the following project (

i am getting an error. i am pasting the image below for your reference.

in the above image, it can be seen that U (?) can be seen. i am attaching separate image for better understanding.


i am using paraview 5.4.1 64-bit version. please help me to solve this issue. looking forward to hear from you. thankyou,



Hey Sam,

Your simulation is enormously big! I am at 5 GB and it does not stop downloading :smiley: @CFD-SQUAD, can you please give Sam some optimization tips on his simulation? Cheers guys!



One easy way to save some space is by writing data sets less often (especially when meshes are this big).

With these settings, you will save 5 data sets in total (0; 250; 500; 750; 1000). By setting write interval = End time, your results file won’t be as heavy (0 and 1000 iterations data sets). This also helps with ParaView, as it will have less data to load :+1:


Dear all,

Mehmet from simscale team helped me to solve this issue in online post-processor. however i may getback to this thread when i will simulate the problem with less memory. for now this is solved. thanks a lot Jousefm and Ricardopg for your support.



Hi Sam,

Thanks for the heads up! The online PP definitely does the job, but would be nice to know why the offline one does not get it, maybe because of a BC overlap?