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Help me interpret ubs heat transfer

I am interpreting the heat transfer of usb.
Heat is generated from the round part in the center of the usb.
And it’s all closed in a case.

I’m trying to interpret as I thought, but I get an error.
How do we deal with this?

Hi @jjae_sam

I would like to have more clarity on some issues that I observed in your project.

  1. What exactly you want to analze in this problem?? Do you want to simulate the conduction heat transfer b/w the usb and the casing or a conjugate heat transfer??

  2. Is the casing a fluid region?? If there is some fluid(like air) in the casing then why have have you defined it as Copper??


I want to solve the heat conductivity problem. I’d like to see how heat generated by the part is transferred to each part.

The materials of the parts are copper, covered in casing and in the air area.


If you have time, can you take a look at my project?

Can you help me see it?

Hi @jjae_sam

Yeah I will be looking at your project in the evening and will provide you a suitable explanation on how this simulation has to be done.


Hi @jjae_sam

If you want to see how the USB heated element is going to interact with the air in the cavity, then a natural heat convective simulation is suitable in this case. I have made a sample project so that you can get some idea on how the mesh should be made and what B.C’s should be given. I am attaching some post-processed images of velocity and temperature contour so that you can quickly make a decision on if that’s what you wanted to study in this project-

Temperature Contour

Velocity Contour

The link to the project is here-

I had one issue with the CAD model i.e why is the size of the model so small?? The size of USB is hardly 2-3 mm
If you have any further query, I am happy to help you with that.