Help for the best BC for the case

As u can c in the pic. i tried to explain the case and ask if the following boundary conditions are the best for it :
1-Bottom face of the flow region consider it as an insulated wall.
2- The side walls considered (inlet-outlet pressure ) or it should be (Natural convection inlet-outlet)
3- The top face is a lil bit confusing not sure what it can be ( wall with fixed value equal to the ambient or make it also a zero gradient wall.

HINT: (P.S) The space between the two vertical walls have a good ventilation)

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Feel free to have a look at our public projects library - one project that came into my mind was this here: SimScale - maybe you can make use of it and adapt the BCs according to your needs.

@cfd_squad - feel free to jump in here.



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I will work to make another of my projects public this week

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