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Heatflux Calculation at Walls during Convective HT Analysis

Hello everyone,

I would like to use the Convective Heat Transfer Simulation type to learn something about the Heat Transfer at Fluid-Solid walls. I know that I could use the Conjugated Heat Transfer Analysis, but it does not support imcompressible fluids yet (and the Boussinesq Approximation).

My Setup would be a fluid volume with some Isothermal hot surfaces and some cold ones. To calculate the Nussel Number I just need the Temperatur Gradient at the hot surface or the heat flux density.

Is it possible to calculate these values in the Post Processing (e.g. in Paraview) ?
Or is there another opportunity to calculate the Nusselt number?

Maybe someone can help me :wink:


Hi (again :wink: ) Malte!

I know that ‘wallheatflux’ inside OpenFOAM does that job but I am not sure how to this in Paraview, found this document: Maybe the @cfd_squad can help? :slight_smile:



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Thank you for your reply. I’ll see what I can do.