Heat transfer simulation with thermal interface modelling


i want to simulate a basic thermal simuation with some heat source and a fixed temperature boundary and want to analyse the temperature profile. I tried a heat transfer simulation, but i could not find how i model the thermal interface between two bodies, nor a thermal resistance or a thermal conductivity with a certain thickness.

What is a good way/ best pratice to simulate this? Or did i just not find how i activate this option? As in contacts i cannot model it. I also tried CHT simulation with an external fluid region with natural convection, there i can model the contacts as i would need it, but as this is just a small piece which can be assumed to be adiabatic with no heat transfer to the souroundings, i want to get rid if this extra computational step.

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Hi Markus, would it be possible that you also include the link to your project, so I can have a look?
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Hi Fillia, yes, but the question is more related to how to use SimScale for certain type of simulation.

Here is my simulation setup:

As i wrote, i want to simulate a basic heat transfer with a volumetric heat source and a fixed temperature as boundary conditions.

How can i model the thermal contacts? As i could not see an option. With CHT i have an option but it is computational expensive and i do not want to model some fluid atm

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Hello again.
I tried it with a CHT simulation here:
Battery cooling channel | SimScale Workbench

it did start,but had problems:

Job was prepared successfully.
Run pre-processing finished.
Detected divergence of the linear system solver. Consider lowering the relaxation factor for field h.
The specified maximum runtime of the job was exceeded. The simulation run was stopped and potential intermediate results were restored. You can try to increase the maximum runtime in the simulation control section and start a new run to enable a complete simulation run.

Is there a way to simulate basic thermal flow and be able to modell the thermal resistance within the normal bodies? It seems this is not possible, is this the chase, Fillia?
In CHT, contacts can be changed to whatever is needed, in a heat transfer simulation, this is not possible.

I will try to model my thermal interface materials with separat bodies as a work arround, as my other approaches did not work. this is some extra step but for my initial basic simulation this should work, but is not feasable in later simulations.