Heat transfer simulation doesn't finish

I’m trying to run a simulation to determine how hot an aluminum casting will get when a LED PCB I’ve designed is mounted to it.

The board has 8 LEDs that should be around 5W of power each at the maximum settings we’d want to run the fixture. Actually just a hair over, to ensure a little head room. The power supply will also be generating heat as it supplies the voltage to the LEDs. So really there will be 9 heat sources but in two different cavities of the head. It seemed like everything was set up properly but I must have missed something. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s a link to the project

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Please increase the Maximum runtime on the Simulation control panel. This is real-time, and when it is exceeded, the simulation automatically stops.
maximum runtime

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Alrighty, that allowed it to finish but it failed and I’m getting…

I had tried using automatic contacts

The solution matrix is not factorizable. This might be caused by an unconstrained rigid body motion or by overconstrained degrees of freedom due to multiple linear relations at at least one node. Learn more.