Heat Transfer Coefficent of a flow

Hey guys,

i have a general question. Is it possible to simulate or estimate afterwards the heat transfer coefficient h of a liquid flow through a cooling system?

thanks in advance and all the best

Hi @blackjackxyz!

This “feature” is not yet implemented - feel free to add it here: Product Feedback Section. There could be a way to extract these results in ParaView but I have never done that myself tbh.

P.S.: My colleague @sjesu_rajendra gave me a tip on how to actually achieve this!

wallHeatFlux -> run this utility on the downloaded result (with OF installed) It gives the wall heat flux on individual faces. This can be used to compute the heat transfer coefficient precisely. One concern here is with PS CAD handling, the naming conventions are different. So the names on the platform might not correspond with the face name that the user wants to extract result from.