Heat Sink and cfd run of my i7 processor

I’ve done project on my Heat Sink based on i7 processor in the processor.
can i include processor i.e heat generating element in enclosure?
what is seed face?
should i select it ?

Hi there. Please add the link to your project, and some details regarding your query. Is there anything specific that you want to ask or clarify? :smiley:

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Feel free to post more details about what exactly you are aiming to get, otherwise it’s difficult to help.


i’d like to develop a heat sink for a desktop pc of i7 and i9. forced convection type ID Fan on the top of the heat sink. Air should be pulled by the fan from the sides of the fin to the topside.

I see. Generally speaking, the best way to define heat being dissipated by a processor is via power sources.

A priori, the model seems to be Ok. If you are having issues with the setup, kindly post some additional information (e.g. what you are trying to do, screenshots, any relevant information).