Has anyone used SimScale?

I’m looking for an honest review of the simscale platform. Specifically how well both the CFD and Structural packages perform.

Furthermore…can I export CFD pressure plots into structural simulations?


Hey @aadamjaxson!

Could you please let me know what you are working on? I can somehow guess what you would like to work on but maybe you can specify it a bit more to categorize if SimScale is the right tool for that application.

To answer your question, you can download/export the .csv file of the pressure values inside the workbench.

As for the review, I am obviously biased (same as the @power_users) so maybe someone who sees this post can jump in and present his unbiased opinion. :slight_smile: Or you can have a look at some online reviews, maybe start here: https://www.g2.com/products/simscale/reviews



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Dear @aadamjaxson,

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As Jousef mentioned, to give you a proper answer, your question should be a bit more specific.

For usual CFD and structural problems Simscale performs well, there should be no problem with that. The support and the forum community is outstanding, so that you can get help rather quickly, which I think is quite unique.

Regarding structural analysis I´d mention the lack of shell elements which makes sheet metal construction investigation clumsy, if not impossible for example. (Personally I haven’t tried to do)

The wall I hit recently with CFD was that I wanted to make a transient simulation of fuel sloshing in the rocket tank when transitioning from 5G to 0G (there are some cool SpaceX videos of the real stuff). Simscale currently does not support such exotic scenario.

So yes, as every tool, Simscale has it´s potentials and limits. If you are unsure, feel free to ask more! :slight_smile:

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Hey @aadamjaxson,

Welcome! :smiley:

As @jousefm and @jhorv_th mentioned, choosing SimScale depends on the simulation analysis you intend to perform.

I recommend using SimScale to study conventional problems, such as compressible/incompressible flows, conjugate/convective heat transfer, displacements/stresses analysis, natural frequency calculation, etc.

If you want to analyze more complex problems, like fluid-structure iteration or multiphase flows in which the fluids aren’t inert to each other, SimScale may not be the best option.

About the simulation performance, there’re some validation cases that you can use to check the accuracy of the models.