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Harmonic analysis

As long as the frequency analysis option was removed (I used it only last year) I reckon that eigenmodes could be found by a harmonic anlysis instead, just submiting the structure or part to a sinusoidal small displacement and then sweeping up the frequency.
At least that’s what I recall from my past life as antivibration engineer: we did this in the lab with a shaker and an accelerometre+FFT would read the modes.

Now, I don’t manage to do it in simscale and I don’t either find an example. All eigenvalues examples I see in the forum are from some time back, when the frequency analysis was available. And of course they don’t work, just receiving a message: this analysis is no longer supported.

Any hint or help would be great. Thanks in advance

Hi @jvinas!

You are right and noticed correctly that the mode is no longer available. What I would recommend is to give the already existing feature request a vote here: Modal analysis & Modal response for structural eigenfrequency calculation



Hi jousefm,

Just voted. I still believe you can find relevant modes with harmonic analysis, but I find it too much complex, whereas frequency analysis was much simpler.

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