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GUI Issue "Select Mesh as Domain"

Within a simulation project, when I regenerate a mesh and then “Select Mesh as Domain” and then click “Reset Assignments”, nothing happens. But if I refresh the browser, then I can select “Select Mesh as Domain” and everything works as normal. It seems to be right after the new mesh is generated that there is a problem with “Reset Assignments”.

It is with this project and pretty much any simulation:

Hey there!

What do you expect to happen when you reset the assignments?

Normally, when I press “Reset Assignments”, the assignments get reset. In this case, they do not.

Also, the popup window does not go away.

Hi, thanks for bringing this up.

It seems to be an unintended effect, which will be reported.

For the moment, you can try deleting previously defined materials/boundary conditions (and perhaps other things you might have assigned, such as result controls) and trying to reset the assignments.

This workflow should be possible at the moment:


Thanks but it is easier to simply refresh the browser. Just thought you might want to know.


It should be working as intended now, thanks for reporting!